To specifically challenge the disadvantaged communities in East-London to set higher goals in life for themselves and their children. We raise the standard of morality and expectation, and confront hopelessness, especially amongst the disadvantaged minority ethnic and youth population. Jasper City’s vision of inspiring young people to achieve by equipping them with the tools for success; self-esteem and character building, will help to turn things around so that any increase in the working age population translates into a ready, available, skilled and highly motivated workforce.


To deliver a Biblically based, differentiated programme of learning that reduces drop-outs, eliminates failure and raises outcomes. No two children are the same – and there’s no knowing what a child can do until his individual learning needs are met. Once this is in motion, children should learn well, taking responsibility for their thoughts, words and actions. This, we believe, gives them the tools to make wise decisions about their relationships, calling, careers, communities, environments and future. We are determined to inspire a community to begin to dream and, to train children to succeed in fulfilling their dreams. The young heart and mind is motivated to excel in every area of life! When children and young people are mobilised a whole community can be transformed.


To identify gifts and talents in the children and nurture them in these areas. We encourage children to use their gifts and talents in all subjects and disciplines, to benefit society. We strengthen weaknesses and mature strengths.


Children are encouraged to have a ‘can-do’ attitude in all things beneficial. The children at Jasper City School know that they are precious rewards to us and the community around them, and that they are worthy of investment.


Jasper City School offers parents and young people a choice of curriculum that is in line with a Biblical worldview, is differentiated and therefore meets each learner at their level of proficiency. We provide an environment that imitates the Kingdom of God, for parents who wish for their children to experience this distinctive method of learning.

Age Range

Jasper City School is an all-through school, providing nursery, primary and secondary education from three to sixteen years of age. A continuation of environment, consistency of care and counsel in a child’s life throughout phases of education, helps them to develop more easily and freely at a pace they are able to perform and achieve in. 

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Here you will find an environment where learners of different abilities are enabled, equipped and encouraged to reach their full academic, spiritual, physical, mental and emotional potential, and to fulfil their destinies on the earth.


Jasper City School is about a lifestyle, an educational journey, a culture and a community coming together to raise up a generation of champion learners for the Kingdom of God, who are excellent in character, academia and gifts.

Learners who have the freedom to worship and praise God, and to learn of Him throughout their daily educational experience. Learners who can call on their Creator for help when they are working and taking tests. Learners, whose teachers will pray for them, not just for academic excellence but for godly character too. Learners who are told "you can do it"...every day. 

Welcome to Jasper City School (JCS) An Independent Non-Denominational 

Christian School for Boys and Girls aged 3 to 16.