Our Admissions

All applications for places at Jasper City are considered in accordance with the arrangements set out in our Admissions Policy.

Although our admission is non-selective, children sit a diagnostic test in core subjects so that we can ascertain their ability and any learning gaps, and prescribe curriculum that meets their individual level of proficiency. In this regard, we are a comprehensive school, however, the English course provides a rigorous grammar education.

Learners from Nursery (3-4 years) up to Year 8 (12-13 years) are admitted. This gives the Year 8 learners enough time to adjust to the curriculum, learn well, grow through the secondary phase of education and prepare well for General level qualifications. We consider applications for Year 9 students on an individual basis if there is a compelling case. We also accept Year 9 and 10 students if they are transferring from another ACE school or who have been home-schooled on the same curriculum.


Admissions Policy

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Download this policy here


Application Form

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