Head Teacher's Welcome

Jasper City School Head Teacher

Meet our founder, director (member of proprietary board), Head-Teacher and Early Years Teacher Michelle Kintu - LL.B. in Laws, LPC, Early Years Educator (EYE), PTC (ACE/CEE training), SJA Paediatric First Aid, Designated Safeguarding Officer (Level 3).

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Meet Our Directors and Members of Proprietary Board

Mr Antony Salmon 

Chair of Directors

Mrs Yomi Ijiti


Mrs Tola Awosika-Afe


Meet Our Governors

Mr Alan Rodney 

Chair of Governors

Mr Jonathan Gulliford 


Mrs Diane Salmon


Miss Dorrett Clarke


All Directors, Governors, Staff and Volunteers are DBS cleared and have been trained in Safeguarding including Child Protection to the appropriate level for their role.

Statement of Purpose


Jasper City School aims to provide quality Christian education for all learners. We have systems in place to help us in this aim. These systems help define each staff member’s responsibilities and provide protection for staff and students. Staff, students and parents/guardians are expected to abide fully with school systems and practices.

In accepting a student, staff form a partnership with parents/ guardians to provide excellence in atmosphere, leadership and all that pertains to a quality education. However, the blessing of responsibility lies first with the parents/ guardians. Jasper City School’s systems and practices are regularly reviewed. Staff and parents/ guardians will be fully informed of all changes through regular meetings.

We regularly ask parents/ guardians, staff and students for views and feedback to help create an environment of continual improvement. All school staff are given ongoing training and encouraged to become knowledgeable and skilled in the practices and systems within the school.

Complaints by parents/ guardians, staff and students are taken seriously. Everyone should be aware of the importance of the school and the responsibilities that ensue. In the unlikely event that anyone should be proven unfit to work in, attend or be associated with the school they will be removed.


Jasper City School has the following foundation on which the values and goals of the school are built:

   -  God is the Creator and Ruler of the universe. There was no one before Him and all of creation comes from Him. He is

      altogether good. 

      He is perfect in wisdom, knowledge, holiness and power.

   -  God has revealed Himself to us through the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit and we are made in His image.

   -  To be prepared properly for life, children need to have wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. These are all to be found in       God and therefore *God has to be the focus. To fear God (respect and honour) is the beginning of wisdom. Understanding

      comes from perceiving what God is doing. Knowledge comes from knowing who God is, who man is and the Word of God.

   -  Good character, a sense of responsibility, honesty and integrity are all goals of a good education. It is impossible to simply

      inform the mind without training the character.

   -  Academic achievement is commendable for all, as is the development of practical and other general skills.

   -  We aim to produce students with the self-control to order their own lives, the initiative and skills to develop their abilities and

      talents, and the unselfishness to work for the good of others, as unto the Lord.


Jasper City School has the following values, which underpin all that we do:

   -  Parents have the primary responsibility before God for educating their children, working in partnership with church and

      school to prepare the children for adult life.We believe that the role of parents in the education of their children is very

      important and we seek to work together with good, open communication.

   -  Commitment to excellence in all aspects of school life.

      We aim to do the best we can, and we encourage children to give their best in everything they do.

   -  The importance of each child developing spiritually, physically, intellectually, creatively, socially, culturally, morally,

      behaviourally and emotionally.

      We aim to be interested in everything about the children in our care, as God is interested in us.

   -  Clear and consistent discipline.

      We work to maintain fair discipline throughout the School with a clear code of conduct that all staff and parents uphold.

   -  Respect for authority and honour for all.

      We teach the pupils to respect authority as given by God to parents, teachers and others in the School and Church


   -  A Biblical world view in all areas of school life.

      We aim to develop a Biblical approach in all aspects of curriculum, administration and pastoral care.


Jasper City School has the following aims:

   -  To produce a secure, loving and stable atmosphere where students can excel in a whole education

   -  To promote attitudes of self-discipline, honesty, integrity, perseverance, excellence, appreciation, consistency, responsibility,

      thoroughness, diligence, efficiency, and the exercise of initiative and self-motivation through daily tasks.

   -  To respect each person as God’s unique creation. We aim to train and equip their character and gifting, develop their

      personal responsibility and encourage them towards their calling in life.

   -  To view work as God-given and good. We work to please God and our employers.

   -  To encourage students to think Biblically and responsibly about world issues.

   -  To teach students that life is about knowing God and walking in His ways.

   -  To impart the skills of independent study, logical thought and critical thinking.

   -  To encourage a desire to contribute to others within society, an awareness of the needs of those around and sensitivity to

      the call of God to find a place of service.